SmileMaker Inc, a Tokyo-based company that is prominently known for its social gaming, app planning, development, and operations has revealed its idea of releasing HecatonCave by December 2018. The new service will promise to benefit both game publishers as well as game players at the same time facilitating the commercial use of blockchain technology. All the game players engaged with the new technology will get a chance to get free in-game items while all the game publishers will be awarded with the mining fees through the business model.

The new service is one-of-a-kind that enables the use of blockchain technology on a commercial scale by capitalizing on the previously unexploited ability to use game players’ terminal devices to conduct virtual mining. The company service offering will follow a release of a browser game that will feature HecatonCave in mid-August.

The game publisher can use HecatonCave, after taking due permission from the game player, to easily access the resources of his/her PC or the terminal device under use, as and when necessary to perform virtual mining, without causing any hindrance to the player’s gaming experience. The game publisher will be receiving remuneration for the same.

The game player will in return be granted in-game rewards, which will enhance his/her game playing experience by making it more creative, without paying any fee to the publisher at all. Such kind of business model aims to deal with the sense of inequality that players experience due to their extent of willingness or ability to pay to purchase game items. The company also believes that the new offering will improve the soundness of the game in the future.

SmileMaker hopes to capture the interest of at least 30 client companies during its first financial year on the market.

HecatonCave will aggregate the computational powers of all the PCs and gaming machines around the world, facilitating efficient mining of cryptocurrencies, while gamers enjoy an unhindered gaming experience.

HecatonCave name is based on Hecatoncheires, which is a 100 armed giant from Greek Mythology that each had a hundred hands and fifty heads. Coined by SmileMaker, it clearly reflects the strength to do an insurmountable task with the help of many hands.

SmileMaker Inc is working on maximizing the potential of games by effectively utilizing accumulated content development skills and gaming ingenuity to bring smiles to all those who are associated with gaming. They work round-the-clock to ensure smiles of all their stakeholders, users who enjoy their services and consistently self-improve to draw maximum benefits from their internal resources to seamlessly handle all the tasks required for social game development, from planning to execution and follow-up.