According to MarketWatch, Sprint and Ericsson have recently announced their global partnership focusing Internet of Things (IoT). Under the partnership, the companies will create a distributed and virtualized core network as well as world-class IoT operating system. The development is in line with efforts to develop an optimal flow of device data and actionable intelligence at the network edge for customers as well as businesses.

The new IoT platform will make its first appearance at a press conference at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angele, US, on 12th September 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Senior Vice President of IoT for Sprint, Ivo Rook, confirmed the report saying that the company will use Ericsson’s expertise in developing IoT platform for edge-to-edge technologies like AI, robotic, edge computing and autonomous vehicles etc. The platform thus formed will offer the highest level of security, added Rook.

In addition to the above, the IoT platform will be 5G ready, according to Rook who also said that the platform would cater to a large segment of customers including companies, large and small-scale businesses. Commenting on Sprint and Ericsson partnership on the IoT platform, Asa Tamsons – senior vice president and head of business area technology & emerging business, Ericsson said that the company through the partnership will try and make it easy for Sprint and its users to access and use IoT connected devices for better customer satisfaction.

The new platform developed by Ericsson and Sprint will lay the foundation for a future-ready world where society and businesses will be more connected. The core network developed through the collaboration will enable low latency, reduced distance between data and IoT applications. The core network will also support a high level of security and privacy.

The IoT platform will enable connectivity management as well as device management. Asa expressed the company’s dedication to work with Ericsson. She further said that the company is excited to work with Sprint, a leader in IoT. The company’s name often appears in the news for its products that help customers connect with things that they care about the most. As of 30th June 2018, Sprint had 54.6 million connections and offers communication services to its customers. It has already established its name in the development of innovative technologies such as wireless 4G service in the US.

On the other hand, Ericsson as a tech company is helping telecom providers with the latest technology to achieve desired goals. The company has a long list of products in its portfolio that includes Digital Services, Emerging Business, Networks, and Managed Services etc.

The collaboration between Ericsson and Sprint is expected to bring innovation into the market. The companies did not reveal much about the collaboration and their respective roles in the development of IoT platform. An official announcement on the collaboration and its implication is expected during the press conference. However, the two companies have confirmed to work together for disrupting the IoT network for the ecosystem that is future ready with greater connectivity and ease of communication.