Equipment that belongs from IT department of an organization stores its information in the data center. The place where all IT operations are centralized as data is managed, stored and disseminated here. The top-most important system of a network is placed in data centers and it is quite impossible to operate without them on a daily basis.

In order to increase the market value, Western Digital has incorporated additional features to its already existing data center. The new features will now permit users to design contemporary framework which will further allow them to retrieve more value from data.

The data center at Western Digital has been equipped with a new Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server platform. An object storage system known as ActiveScale™ 5.3 is also a part of the new innovative solution of the data center. With the help of these two systems, the data center will perform more efficiently.

Western Digital offers its users, the X100 and ActiveScale P100 which are suitable for next-generation storage of object for the petabyte-scale data growth that is unstructured. An architecture known as Data forever is followed by the ActiveScale 5.3 that supports durability of data to an extent of 19-nines. The main purpose of this change is to keep up with the evolving applications related to IOT, artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning. Economical storage of petabyte of data has also been possible. In a file system which follows a traditional approach, Unified Data Access is added in the ActiveScale for the purpose of managing and ingesting data.

Additional feature of a hybrid cloud replication is that it helps in increasing the density level of the storage system. Another feature that will be introduced by the Western Digital is the Docker™ which is a container support that will help users in selecting the perfect deployment workload. Four new IntelliFlash N-Series systems will later be launched this year by Western Digital to successfully handle the workload. The new system is designed to perform real-time transactional applications, deep analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning more efficiently.

For successfully thriving in cost-sensitive, big data, and software-defined storage environment, the Ultrastar Data from Western Digit is the best choice. Western Digital opts for a smarter and faster way of conducting businesses so that they can attain a higher level of success in the industry of technology. It is very crucial to make instant actions and decisions in the IoT section as the industry is diversifying at a very fast scale.

Not just limiting the investment in technology section it is crucial to maintain a balanced investment for housing equipment and facility that helps in producing an efficient operation of the data center. Western Digital has made a valuable addition of features to their data center that will be beneficial and efficient for them in future.