Handling huge data is always been a tedious and frustrating task for both the developers and testers. Every time various tech giants come up with their innovative solutions to handle big data. This time it’s the bond between OpenFlex and Western Digital that has made things simpler with their developed architecture. The new technology will make it easier for IT professionals to handle scalable and extensible data structures for faster execution. Western Digital’s Kingfish API along with OpenFlex will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for the project.

The company has targeted the open source community and released tools to build software. This will help the community to work on developing products and write code for managing big data. OpenFlex has a target of making its own specific API for the architecture. This idea has become an answer for scalability, computing, and data storage efficiency. The software composable infrastructure (SCI) has given a huge space for the scalability and robot approach for the users and developers. Performance wise also, it will provide highly efficient work.

Not only this solution help data centers but also it makes the users at the end to properly use the software applications and hardware essentials help in cutting the cost of freehold. As the data keeps on increasing with the passage of time it is adding a charge and applications speed capability. It is also making things complicated in choosing for various operations. The way it finds manipulates and transforms is also a bit of indecision for the idea.

Based on the standards for the industry made by the foundation ‘NVMf technology’, the architecture made by the partnership of Western Digital OpenFlex has made everything more flexible and adaptable to various community circles for basic change in calculating assets for the enhancement of system administrators. Let’s consider the LAN, Ethernet to be a prescribed example. The Kingfish API will help various developers and programmers to have the best applications installed on the more intelligent application server.

The earlier use of HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) that has fixed ratios of storage, compute and networking more of the cost was involved. But now as the underutilized resources are eliminated with the use of OpenFlex architecture and products the total cost of ownership is reduced by up to 40 percent.  This not only reduces price while working but also reduces the speculation cost involved.

Phil Bullinger, general manager and senior vice president of Data Center Systems at Western Digital mentioned, “Server authorities need to work with more flexible and adaptable way to allow the use of application software more effectively and efficiently.”

Various computer peripherals products have been included in the OpenFlex products. The products are in series of F300 USB flash, E300, D300 and lot more data storage devices.

The API (application programming interface) made by the developers of Kingfish has to work with OpenFlex to provide the facility with the combination of USB flash drives and data storage hardware systems. Other tech giants like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, DriveScale, Apache Kafka, Broadcom, Ceph, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft SQL Server, Mellanox Technologies, Percona, and others are also involved in the Western Digital’s OpenFlex foundation project.