Yandex has reportedly launched a public cloud platform dubbed Yandex.Cloud. The new platform will enable businesses to create and run web apps and services using the company’s latest technologies. Yandex.Cloud will be used by local data centers to store information as well as use databases of personal information in Russia as per the legal guidelines.

The newly developed platform is speculated to be of great help for the business of different sizes alike. The platform will boost the efficiency of the companies enabling them to invest largely and reap great profits. Yandex.Cloud is compatible to work with already in place technologies. In short, the platform does not require any specific supporting software or tool.

The services provided by the Yandex.Cloud would include:

  1. The platform will provide its users will scalable virtual infrastructure with an option to manage multiple things at once such as management of graphics interface together with developer tools like Python.
  2. Computerized services for management tasks that require lost of labor such as MongoDb and ClickHouse.
  3. The platform will also provide artificial intelligence based Yandex services such as speech recognition app SpeechKit.

The platform is available for purchase by businesses in different packages. In short, companies that can afford to invest heavily in the high-tech platform can buy it for a heavy amount but that does not mean the small-scale businesses or companies with low budget cannot buy it. The platform can be bought by any company as it comes with different price tags. Yandex has also made its platform available for pre-booking that is accompanied with discount.

The Yandex.Cloud platform is open on demand and is yet to be made available for the entire market. It is speculated that the platform will open for all companies and customers by the end of 2018. Soon after the announcement of Yandex.Cloud launch, its clients and partners shared their expert comments with the media. S7 TechLab CTO Nikolay Mukhanov said that the company would use Yandex. Cloud’s artificial intelligence services to develop valuable tools and services. Vitaly Porubov, IT Head of Strategy and Innovation at X5 Retail Group also stated that the platform’s launch supports the current market demand for developing technologies without putting lots of money in. The company will use the platform to gain a competitive edge, added Porubov.

The platform is likely to have a significant impact on the Russian market where products and tools are developed depending on the frequency of demand. Viacheslav Tsyganov, Vice President for Tinkoff Ban’s Information Technology said that the company would use the platform to develop cloud-based services to host a range of services.

Yandex is a technology company with its core services being developing machines learning-based products as well as services. The company aims at providing businesses an opportunity to make the best of the offline and online opportunities. Yandex is known for creating high-tech services as well as on-demand transport services. The recent platform will help the company reach new heights in the market. Yandex.Cloud is expected to be adopted by businesses with different operational values alike.